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Seller Mistakes

Selling your home can be exciting and challenging, especially if it's your first time. Avoid the common pitfalls and make your home selling experience less stressful. Don't inadvertently sabotage your sale! One of the most productive things you can do is connect with Pat to find out more details, let her walk you through the home listing process, set up a complementary seller's consultation or presentation.

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Selling It Yourself
“For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) route is a massive selling mistake. Attempting to avoid paying an agent commission ultimately means your could cheat yourself out of an opportunity to make significantly more money. Data shows the typical FSBO home sold for roughly 24% less than when sold by an agent. On average 90% of sellers use an agent because they have specialized, professional tools and real estate knowledge. Having an agent reduces the work and stress of selling a home.
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Not Letting Your Agent Handle Showings

Hanging around for showings makes everyone feel uncomfortable and awkward. Let the agent answer buyer questions privately. And give the buyer room to look around freely. Keep your home 'ready' for showings and your schedule flexible so your agent can bring potential buyers over at a moment's notice. To sell your home quickly, do your best not to limit opportunities for your agent to show buyers your home.

Skipping Staging

Staging allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home. Staging uses furniture and art to highlight the best features of your house. Staging can increase the sale price as much as 10%. And most staged homes will sell quicker.

Don't forget to stage extra rooms! Most buyers want homes with many usable spaces for a variety of activities. For example, gyms, offices, classrooms, playrooms or craft rooms. So properly stage extra rooms to highlight their potential.

Forgoing Professional Photos

Real estate photos need to be done by a professional photographer or by your experienced agent who knows exactly how make your home look great . This will enhance your listing and make it stand out. Professionals understand what correct lighting and balanced composition is. Plus they have the necessary equipment (wide-angle lens for example) to make your home shine. Showing off cozy corners or sweeping views of large rooms and stunning waterfronts, majestic landscapes or delightful gardens will capture the attention of buyers. Ariel drone photos and videos can also be an impressive and added selling edge.

A Poorly Lit Home

Show your home in the best light. Dark corners make rooms seem smaller. Bright rooms will make your home look bigger. The quality of your lighting is important. Open curtains and blinds.

Add lamps or overhead lighting to rooms that seem dark. Replace burnt out light bulbs. Use bright 100-watt bulbs. And don't forget to clean off dust, cobwebs or dead bugs from overhead fixtures and lamp shades.

Call an electrician to have additional lighting installed or to repair lighting and outlets that don't' work. Let your home shine bright. It will make a positive impression on potential buyers.

If you want to add a warm and cozy feel candles and a small fire in the fireplace will do the trick.

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Not Carrying Proper Insurance

Make sure you’re insured in case a viewer has an accident on the premises and tries to sue you for damages. A homeowners insurance policy should cover this but double check with your insurance agent. Make sure there are no obvious hazards on the property (like slippery, mossy decks or sidewalks, wobbly stairs in need of repair, or cluttered walkways. If you have a pool make sure the gate is locked. If you have a dog make sure it can't jump on or bite a visitor. Mitigate potential risks to protect potential buyers from injury and yourself from lawsuits.

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