"Pat was by far, the most professional and accommodating realtor I have ever had the pleasure of working with...The best part of this transaction was the complete & thorough communication. Pat kept me completely informed..."  L. Axtman

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Selling Process

Value to You

Selling a home has many potential challenges. Pat can help you safely navigate those obstacles. She does more than just show your house. She helps you successfully navigate the modern real estate landscape. Pat has over 20 years experience with countless transactions.

1. Connect

Find out more details, let Pat walk you through the home selling process, set up a complementary seller's consultation or presentation.

2. Market Analysis

Pat reviews neighborhood and market data to determine the fair market value of your home. Her goal is to sell your home quickly at a competitive price

3. Marketing Strategies

Together we develop a customized plan to sell your home. From MLS listings to hosting open houses, to targeted campaigns and using digital advertising, to photography and staging.

4. Clean & Repair

A few simple repairs, a deep cleaning, and a fresh coat of paint can not only decrease the time it takes to sell your home but increase the price you get for it. Decluttering , eliminating taste specific effects and getting rid of pet hair and odors will have a tremendously positive impact.

5. Prepare for Showing

We will help you prepare to show the property professionally to interested buyers. Open houses and private showings in the homeowner’s absence.

6. Negotiations

 Properties in desirable neighborhoods and a competitive market will often have several competing offers. It's not uncommon in a hot market to get offers above the asking price for premium properties.

7. Accept Offer

8. Inspection

9. Closing

Once an offer is accepted the buyer and seller enter into a period called escrow. The buyer and seller await a closing and move-out date, plus address any promises made in the contract. Escrow also allows time for a title report, an official appraisal, and a property inspection.

As the owner you'll meet and cooperate with the property appraiser. The buyer's lender will be making sure the price doesn't exceed it's true current value and that there aren't any hidden problems. Your property should be clean and organized before the appraisal appointment,

Once Inspection passes and contract checklists are crossed off Pat walk's you through all the closing paperwork that you'll sign during the closing meeting. It's prudent to read all the documents carefully before signing. Once everything is signed and verified by all parties, the property has officially been sold. It will be time for you to move out if you already haven't.

*Disclaimer: Everything shared on any of our websites is for educational purposes only and are never recommendations! You alone are solely responsible for conducting your own independent research and due diligence before taking action. We assume no responsibility or liability for your decisions.

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